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Our Auto-Hide Taskbar application lets you separately configure the appearance of the Taskbar for Tablet Mode and Windows Mode in Windows 10.

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Update: This is now a feature built into Windows 10, so we are no longer selling our plugin or supporting it.  Thanks to all of those who purchased our application while Microsoft too their time addressing this issue.

Simple application to fix that incredibly annoying issue of a persistent Taskbar when in tablet mode on your Windows 10 device. The Auto-Hide Taskbar application lets you separately configure the appearance of the Taskbar for Tablet Mode and Desktop Mode.

Windows 10 by default has the ability to hide the Taskbar; the issue people have is that it hides it in both Desktop and Tablet Mode with no independent control. This app was created to address this specific issue of not having to change settings every time you switch between Desktop and Tablet Mode, as it seems most people want the Taskbar to be automatically hidden when in Tablet Mode, and visible again automatically when in Desktop Mode. So the other way to describe the app is to say it Auto-Un-Hides the Taskbar in Desktop Mode.

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Once you download the app, activate your license key, and install, it will be easily accessed in the Notification Area.


We do our best to test in all environments, but sometimes there are setups and variables we haven’t accounted for with our apps. If you experience any issues, please, please, please contact us! We will be in touch right away and making fixes as we can.

1 review for Auto-Hide Taskbar Windows 10 Tablet Mode

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gilles (verified owner)

    If, like me, Windows 10’s inability to auto-hide the taskbar when switching from desktop to tablet mode has been driving you crazy, this app is the perfect fix. It works flawlessly! I should also mention that customer service was extremely swift in addressing an activation issue when I contacted them, so congratulations for that.

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